Cosy atmosphere where you will feel at ease.

Our small restaurant in the basement has 34 seats. We have a limited number of tables,
creating a laid-back, intimate atmosphere, which is always appreciated by our guests.

We therefore recommend that you make a reservation in advance.


Always open for you

It is our pleasure to open exclusively on your behalf for business lunches
or on our day off for private festivities by special arrangement.
You can even allow us to spoil you exclusively in your own home.






Das Kleine Lokal
Besselstraße 40
28203 Bremen
Fon: (0421)7949084

tuesday to saturday
opening 19.00 o'clock
cuisine: 19.00 to 23.00 0'clock
noontime is arrangeable


Our menu

Below you will find your menus with three ups to seven gears.

For guests wishing to order á la carte,
we have written the prices among the individual dishes.

We kindly ask the guests to agree on two menu options from five people.
À la carte orders are no longer possible with the number of persons.
For groups of ten or more persons, we prepare individual menu suggestions for you.

We also cook for you a vegetarian menu. 
Please contact us.

If the menus are changed, an extra charge may be charged.


— Menu 1 —

Pike perch
with braised cucumber, capers and mustard foam

 on wild garlic risotto and tomato

Saltimbocca of the Iberico pig
on asparagus fricassee

German heath (moorland sheep from northern Germany) and braised shoulder
with chick pea puree, beans, lemon curd and olive bread

Strawberry, biscuit and cocoa sorbet


three course menu 52.00 €
Pike perch/Lamb/Strawberry

four course menu 63.50 €
Pike perch/Prawn/Lamb/Strawberry

five course menu 77.00 €
Pike perch/Prawn/Iberico pig/Lamb/Strawberry



— Menu 2 —

Steimbker goat's cheese
with woodruff and artichoke

North Sea turbot
with asparagus and red wine reduction

Mackerel on stockfish mash
with peppers and smoke aromas

Calf ridge and risp bries
with beach peas and pearl onions

Roasted leg of venison and cannelloni of Wilstedter fallow deer
with chanterelles, corncobs and apicots

Cheese selection

yoghurt and oatmeal


three course menu 52.00 €
Goat cheese/Deer/Kiwi

four course menu 63.50 €
Goat cheese/Mackerel/Deer/Kiwi

five course menu 77.00 €
Goat cheese/Noth Sea turbot/Mackerel/Deer/Kiwi

six course menu 90.00 €
Goat cheese/North Sea turbot/Mackerel/Calf/Deer/Kiwi

seven course menu 100.00 €
Goat cheese/North Sea turbot/Mackerel/Calf/Deer/Cheese/Kiwi


A Culinary Experience

The „Das Kleine Lokal“ can not easily be classified in any restaurant category.
“Advanced cooking”, “Nouvelle Cuisine”… - such definitions do not reach the heart of what we do.
Our kitchen team loves to experiment and is constantly searching for new culinary challenges.
Our kitchen works only with fresh products and our guests fall under the spell of gourmet cuisine with seasonal products from the region.



Stefan Ladenberger
Kitchen chef & owner

Nina Ladenberger
Service management


A Culinary Experience

It is almost a luxury in our fast moving society, to enjoy culinary excellence.

One who permits himself to enjoy a truly extraordinary menu and a good bottle of wine over a long evening with us,
may expect the highest standards of our cuisine.

For such a guest our restaurant will not disappoint, because for me cooking is to create joy for others.



Our Pleasure – Your Satisfaction

Our service staff are often commended for their pleasant personalities,
conversation and especially for their helpful advice regarding the specialities from the kitchen and cellar.

Whether in the kitchen or by way of our service, we pride ourselves in striving to fulfil the desires of our guests.


Daniel Wagner


Björn Klimala


Dominik Obst


Kayenta Leverenz
Service apprentice




Helpful things in your reservation.

If you have any food or products not tolerate or reject it for personal reasons,
it would be enormously useful to know in advance for the kitchen
and menu planning this.

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